Thursday, October 13, 2011

Skills Work!® What’s Out There?

We’re going to kick off our career profile series by taking a look at Electronic Service Technicians. In July 2010, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities reported that the service sector continued to grow throughout the recession, particularly technical and professional services. Electronic Service Technicians are right in the centre of this rise!

Electronic Service Technicians

Have you ever appreciated the clarity of the movie on screen at a movie theatre? Do you like using gadgets, high-tech equipment, control panels and electronic read-out screens? Electronic service technicians keep up with technology. Often they test and repair the latest and greatest computer equipment and electronics that you love to use!

Specific Job Titles
  • Alarm system technician 
  • Electronic service technician supervisor 
  • Audio-video service technician 
  • Computer service technician 
  • Photocopy machine technician 
  • Electronic service technician apprentice 
  • Office equipment service technician
  • Radio and television service technician 
  • Field service technician, electronic products 

Manufacturing, utilities, armed forces, government, airlines, business services, transportation

Salary Range 
$12 - $30 per hour, approximately $25,000 - $62,400 per year
(Remember, salaries include apprenticeship wages!)

Education Required
College – check out to search options!
8000 apprenticeship hours (approximately 4 years)

Helpful Skills
  • Aptitude for science and math 
  • Interest in computers and technology 
  • Great people and communication skills 

Visit the Electro-Federation Canada Installation Maintenance and Repair (IMR) Sector Council and Trade Association for more info:

Career Management Tips: Resume Development
In the first of our career development tips we will focus on resume development. Your resume is a marketing document. It’s designed to sell you. Before you begin writing, take the time to review your interests, skills and goals. You will develop a long list of skills and experience throughout your career. Taking an inventory will help you determine what information should be included in your resume to achieve your target job.

Your finished resume should accomplish five things:
  • Define a clear focus and generate interest in your services
  • Pinpoint skills, accomplishments, competencies, and results 
  • Project your style and personality 
  • Set you apart from your competition 
  • Compel your audience to find out more about you 
To help, ask yourself questions like:
  • How do you want to be seen? 
  • What skills and experience do you want to highlight? 

More Helpful Resume Writing Hints
  • Resumes are scanned very quickly so it's critical your resume has a defined focus that will generate interest from your target audience.
  • While it’s recommended to have others review and offer opinions on your resume, it's extremely important that you are the author. 
  • The tone of your resume and how it reads should reflect how you would verbally communicate during an interview. 

Take your time. Your resume is a marketing document, and it will take time, thought and effort to develop.
Our next career management tip will include more facts and tips on writing a GREAT resume. Stay tuned!

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